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What We Do

At @Tony’s you will experience à la minute cooking with Japanese precision. From your seat around a griddle you will see our teppanyaki chefs at work showing their special cooking techniques. Add to this the use of top quality ingredients, an extensive choice of sakes and wines and the characteristic minimalistic interior and you are guaranteed to experience the truly modern Japanese hospitality at its very best. The social setup of the restaurant – teppanyaki tables – private dinning – make it the ideal setting for celebratory dinners.

@Tony’s Teppanyaki Restaurant can be found at 85 Riccarton Road, Riccarton and 2 Waterman Place in Ferrymead.

Both restaurants offer three types of seating: dinning tables, private dinning areas and the popular communal teppanyaki counter, which has four grills and can seat up to 30 guests. If you are a party of two, you will be seated with other guests at the counter. Awkward? Not at all, in fact we @Tony’s have witnessed the beginnings of many inspiring networks and great friendships as guest  enjoy the show and delectable food.

Teppanyaki cooking at @Tony’s is not just about throwing food, twirling or showmanship, taste and quality of the food is still the number 1 focus. Just cooking with passion, inspiration and care for the product with little bit of flair and fun.